5 Tips to Create a Great Facebook Page

Make your profile picture accurately reflects your brand


According to kissmetrics if you are big brand or company you should use your brand logo as your profile picture across all platforms. This will make your brand easily identifiable across all platforms of social media. The picture should be center and easily identifiable.




To show Sports Joe clearly identifies the companies logo. Its center in the picture which makes it easier to identify. It’s an appealing picture with good use of colour, which catches the attention of the audience.




Your Facebook activity is Important

When people click on your Facebook page, They are genuinely interested in what you have to offer. If your page is in active they wont be able to see what the page is about. There is also many benefits to having an active social media, according to Koozai being active on social media will increase your rankings on serps. Also being active with your page will allow you to have conversation with people and you can start to increase brand awareness. The more you post the bigger the chance of more shares, which in turn allows more people to see it. Mars Bars Facebook page is very inactive there last post being January 20th.Capture

On the other side of being active, people and brands can be to active. Some brands can spam peoples timelines with competition and the same five times a day. This will lead to people un-liking the page, it might give a person a bad experience with the brand or person.

Your Facebook name and username

Your name on social media is vital, its what you want to be found under. Your name needs to match what people know what your brand is. Long clunky names and URLs are boring and can bounce clicks. This is not what you want when trying to have a great facebook page. according to Socialpilot

Your username should be included in your URL, this will make it easier for people to find your page. A good use of grammar in the name will make your page look sleek. The first letter in your name should have a capital letter. The username shouldn’t be to long either people might think its a different brand.

 Your content should reflect your brand

The problem many Facebook pages have is there content does not reflect there brand. Many get caught up in silly promotions that don’t reflect the brand. When brands start posting content that doesn’t reflect the brand people will get annoyed and unlike the page or get confused and unlike the page. it also takes away from the conversation and in turn your brand awareness will decrease. for example Dell hasn’t posted about product on their page for over a year and focusing on in house achievements on their page which is leading customers to be unhappy.dell booi

Facebook is a great way to engage with your customers

Facebook is an inexpensive way to reach customers, through it you can find out what they want from you and also an easy way to find out complaints. Quick responses will make everyone happy and can resolve issues quickly. Dell have instant replies to customer queries which is brilliant for resolving issues.

In contrast to Dells quick replies the clothing brand Sik Silk typically take a couple of hours to reply. this can lead to frustration among customers and disdain for the brand.

sik silkinstant dell boi


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